We were delighted that, while working hard on your research, preparing that last chapter or trying to make sense of your results and a lot more in your plates, you guys decided to be part of MINGLE NIGHT 2019.
We won’t just say it was fun, because of your enthusiastic participation and willingness to experience so many different things. You guys tried really weird food combinations in taste your taste bud, happily drank those spicy mocktails in juice pong and acted-reacted on so many funny quotes in react-act. This was not about winning and losing, but who won congratulations and keep the spark and competition alive. We hope you got your mojo back, recharged your batteries and ready to rock-roll the next thing.
This was a great experience for all and a great morale boost for MUPA. This motivated us to work harder and smarter so that we cater to the need of our members.
 We hope you will keep supporting us in our further endeavors. Keep showing up, keep participating.

Thank You