Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA)

The  Monash Postgraduate Association Inc. (MPA) is the representative body for all research and coursework postgraduate students enrolled through Monash University’s Victorian campuses.

MPA aims are to serve the interests and welfare of postgraduates by directing activities and projects towards their specific needs. The committee and staff work closely together to achieve these aims.

MPA represent postgraduates both collectively and individually, providing a recognised means of communication between the postgraduate body and the academic and administrative bodies of the University.

The history of the MPA is as much a roller-coaster ride as the journey to a PhD, yet despite the odds being, at times, stacked against MPA and managed some quite remarkable achievements.

Aside from Compass online and the MPA news , the MPA produces a range of publications of relevance to postgrad students.

The MPA is an independently incorporated association governed by up to 15 postgraduate students in the Executive Committee and supported by professional staff.The MPA is governed by the constitution, and other governing documents.