Committee & duties

MUPA President
Guggilla Mrudula

PhD, School of Science

  • Official spokesperson of MUPA
  • Responsible for the day to day management of the MUPA Executive Committee (EC)
  • Raise/follow up issues pertaining to Postgraduate Students welfare to the right authorities

MUPA Vice Presidents

Ali Ahmed
PhD, School of Pharmacy 

Amardeep Singh Dhillon
PhD, School of Engineering 

  • Organize seminars for education, research and career development of the Postgraduate Student community
  • Organize forums for discussion of issues related to Postgraduate Student welfare
  • Works closely with the MUPA President and assist the him/her where required and necessary

MUPA Secretary
Muhammad Ayaz

PhD, School of Information Technology

  • Preparation of agenda for all MUPA EC meetings
  • Record and maintain minutes of every MUPA EC meetings
  • Preparation of letters and documents for MUPA EC members in general for the purpose of MUPA where required and necessary

MUPA Treasurer

Nusrat Tarannum Choudhury

  • Preparation of the annual budget for MUPA
  • Responsible for keeping a detailed record of the day to day financial transactions of MUPA
  • Responsible for keeping a detailed financial record of all MUPA projects
  • Preparation of financial documents for review and approval

MUPA Activities Manager

Nurhamimah Misuan

  • Organize major social events for the Postgraduate Students
  • Liaising with the relevant members of the MUPA EC in order to expand, develop and co-ordinate the range of social activities for the Postgraduate Students
  • Provide recommendations to the MUPA EC on ways in which MUPA could better co-ordinate its activities for Postgraduate Students.

MUPA Publicity Executives

Can Chen

  • Responsible to promote events and activities sponsored, provided, or endorsed by or through the MUPA EC
  • Management of marketing and publicity announcement
  • Associating with external parties whose relationships will be beneficial to MUPA
  • Responsible for editing, supervising, monitoring and managing the official MUPA website regularly throughout the academic year
  • Officially promoting the MUPA Elections, Extraordinary General Meetings and referenda in accordance with the regulations

MUPA Welfare Officers

Mohammad Al Imran

  • Engaging in policy formulation, liaison, initiatives and action on any matter concerning the social and economic welfare of Postgraduate Students
  • Promoting the spread of knowledge of welfare issues among Postgraduate Students
  • Responsible for the upkeep of the Postgraduate Lounge

MUPA Coordinator


  • Act as an advisory role and support to the MUPA EC
  • Provide strategic advice, information and administrative support to the MUPA EC
  • Works closely with the MUPA President and reports directly to the MUPA EC
  • Reviews the MUPA Constitution and suggests necessary amendment(s) where required and necessary

MUPA School Representatives

School of Art and Social Science Representative              

  • Responsible in acquiring feedback on the current issues and concerns from the Postgraduate Students within the School and to report them in the MUPA EC meeting
  • Responsible in liaising with the School Course Coordinator and/or Research Coordinator on Postgraduate Student matters/issues where the nature requires it to be resolved within school level first.
  • To represent MUPA in any school based committees to discuss and highlight any relevant and key issues which concern the welfare and experience of Postgraduate Students
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MUPA International Student Representative
Vidana Gamage Gayan Chandrajith

PhD, School of Science

  • Responsible to liaise with the Vice President regarding school-based issues concerning international students.
  • Responsible to represent the views of MUPA in any school-specific forums and discussions.
  • Responsible to consider issues relating to the quality of education and research, international student welfare and rights of international Postgraduate students from the respective schools.
  • Responsible to initiate school-based activities and events for the purpose of improving the international Postgraduate students’ experience at the University.
  • Responsible to develop and maintain communication with the international Postgraduate students of the respective schools.