MUPA Gatherings

MUPA provide great opportunities for interaction among postgraduate students of different Schools through MUPA-organised events.

Types of MUPA Events
  • Social gatherings
  • Outdoor activities
  • Extreme challenge
  • Interschool competition/challenge
  • Team building challenge
  • Various educational and career development seminars
  • Entrepreneurial talks by industrial guest speakers
Educational and Career Development Seminars
    • HDR Seminar Week (in collaboration with Campus Research Management)
    • Research Skills Training Workshop (in collaboration with Library and Learning Commons)
    • Employment and Career Development Seminars  (in collaboration with Monash Employment & Career Development)
    • Skills and Essentials Training Seminars  (in collaboration with Campus Research Management and the Monash Institute for Graduate Research (MIGR), Australia)
    • MUPA Chill-Out Seminar Series (series of talks by inspiring individuals and young entrepreneurs)
MUPA Welfare Initiatives
    Individual advice and support sessions provided by MUPA President, MUPA Coordinator and Welfare Committee
  • A thorough survey conducted for the Postgraduate Students to obtain feedback and results would be presented in relevant Campus committees.
  • MUPA Visit to Monash University, Australia
    An official visit to Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA), Australia to discuss issues facing postgraduate students in the Malaysian campus

MUPA Welcome Back Challenge

MUPA Postgraduate Gatherings

MUPA Outdoor Activities

MUPA Colloquium

MUPA Annual Dinner

MUPA Chill-Out Seminar Series